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Empowering purity in each bottle

Restoring the beauty and freshness of all your own upholstered fabrics.

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Filtration Systems

It is effective against small particles and suspended solids such as ferric iron, clay, silt and sand and some pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, and colloids.

Local Delivery

we deliver at your place.

Healthy Water

water that is safe to drink or use for food, drink etc..

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we make sure we are always at your service and your not out of water.

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We give you pure and hygiene drinking water with our years of good service and experience in the market. The pure drinking water of Varsha waters quenches the thirst of houses, hotels, and offices across the Kakinada.

The company has a well-trained staff that provides quick and friendly delivery service. Thus a number of houses, offices, and hotels enjoy Varsha waters bottled drinking water every day.

The best technology is used in our factories for packaging, purifying, or for providing at your comfort.

Satisfied Customer

Varsha waters is good. Refreshing and different from any other waters I have tried.

Standard Product

100% purified drinking water.

100% Purified Water

Nature bottled System

Water Certified Company

Deep Filtration Technology


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